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This article was published by Sunstar Cebu dated November 18, 2005

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Cakes and pastries are one of the world’s all-time favorites. What’s a meal without delicious desserts? Indeed, cakes and pastries are a great way to satisfy one’s sweet tooth. What with the different tastes and flavor combinations from a wide array of ingredients, which include chocolate, nuts, fruits and cheese. They’re also very versatile; they can go with steaming-hot coffee, or ice-cold juices.

People from all walks of life celebrate special occasions and even treat themselves when there’s no occasion at all. Cakes and pastries are always on top of their food list because they offer diverse flavors and are best suited to today’s lifestyle.

Where do people usually go when they crave for refrigerated cakes and pastries? Leona is one of the places that will surely come to mind. Leona has been synonymous to refrigerated cakes. Among its famous refrigerated cakes are Banana Cream Pie, Buko Pie, Carrot Cake, Durian Pie, and Guave Cake.

Simple beginnings

Leona stated its business in 1999 with the opening of its first bakeshop on 65 Juan Luna Ave. Mabolo, Cebu City.

Leona is named after Mrs. Leona Ong, whose passion for home-baked cakes is the reason of Leona’s existence. Her family, relatives and friends really loved her cakes. One of her original recipes, the chiffon cake, is really yummy and has great texture. The family then decided to Leona’s passion for baking into a business.

From thereon, the business grew bigger and bigger. Recently, Leona opend its newest branch at the GQS building in Banilad, Cebu City.

Truly Cebuano

Leona’s refrigerated cakes and pastries fit the choosy taste buds of the Cebuanos. Leona revolutionized the cake and pastry scene in Cebu. Before Leona came along six years ago, most people were only familiar with the run-of-the-mill chiffon cakes. The usual cakes with butter icing decorataed with sugar flowers and red jelly and marked with “Happy Birthday” on them. Leona introduced to the Cebuanos delicious cakes and pastries that offer new, exciting flavors.

Leona is also constantly developing new products. New pastries and cake flavors are regularly introduced; the most recent are the Frosty Mint cake and Asian-inspired breads.

Leona promises a lot more surprises and new products as Leona tries to evolve with the changing time. Of course, quality is a constant.

Simple yet elegant

Leona does not only take care of its products, it also takes care of it shops. Which is why Leona is not your typical bakeshop. Leona exudes an atmosphere that relaxes and stimulates the senses at the same time. Its cake and pastries are complemented by its modernist interior. It has a natural, comfy, warm and contemporary feeling.

The person behind the great interior design of the Mabolo and Banilad stores is the brilliant architect James Jao.

“Leona’s interior design is at par with international design (standards). It can stand and compete globally,” says Jao.

The Banilad branch’s interior is accentuated with glass and stainless steel to have that cutting-edge look. It’s different from the country interior design of the main store in Mabolo. But both interiors have a statement.

Perfect for gift and pasalubong

Since Christmas is in the air, Leona is a perfect gift or pasalubong this time of year. Leona has a beautiful Christmas packaging for its cakes and pastries. It is also known for pasalubong both for local and recipients or abroad.


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